Structural Biology

We enlighten your drug discovery programs with structural insights.

How we support drug discovery

We offer extensive experience to support drug discovery programs with structure-elucidating methods such as protein crystallography, Cryo-EM and NMR techniques. We also perform high-throughput crystallography to identify fragments as starting points for further optimization campaigns. In addition, we determine X-ray structures of small molecules to confirm their constitution or identify their absolute configuration.

We provide structural insights

Based on our experience with challenging targets we apply state-of-the-art construct design along with dispensing automation to screen for suitable crystallization conditions. We have access to high-brilliance and high-throughput synchrotron sources to collect crystallographic data at highest quality and fast turn-around times.

We apply Cryo-EM and NMR techniques

We are experienced in preparing high-quality protein samples of soluble and membrane proteins for Cryo-EM experiments to be performed in collaboration with our partners.

We apply protein- and ligand-observed NMR techniques to identify initial fragments and characterize ligand binding.