Design and Synthesis

We have a long-standing expertise in the hit-selection process, assessment, modification and rapid generation of a viable lead.

We are drug-hunters, enabling multi-dimensional lead series optimization with short cycle-times in close collaboration with computational compound design.

Best-in-class Life Science Chemistry Capabilities

Efficient design and synthesis of high-quality test compounds and chemical probes.

Close interaction with lead discovery in screening hit-list evaluation and long-standing expertise in the Hit-2-Lead process (hit selection, assessment and modification).

Rapid development of different cluster into viable lead structures to fit your lead structure profile.

Strong drug-hunting attitude within the Lead-2-Candidate process, short cycle-times in multi-dimensional lead optimization programs.

Optimization of molecular properties is a team effort

Close collaboration with computational compound design, therapeutic research functions (in vitro-, ex-vivo, in-vivo studies for your target/ indication of interest) and preclinical compound profiling (DMPK property optimization) to identify a preclinical candidate according to an agreed target product profile.

Application of state-of-the-art methodologies (photochemistry, electrochemistry, final stage diversification) to quickly synthesize the target compounds of interest.

First-rate expertise in new modalities (e.g. PROTACs, ADCs) and modalities beyond small molecules (e.g. peptides).