Microbiological Chemistry

We support your lead discovery activities with our in-house protein & plasmid production capabilities. We have a broad and unique collection of fungi & bacteria strains as well as CYPs expressing E. coli or S. pombe strains for biotransformations and metabolite synthesis.

Making use of Nature`s synthesis capabilities

Employing Nature’s toolbox for production of proteins and plasmids as well as for chemical biotransformations on a preparative scale.

Protein and plasmid production capabilities (1-100 L steel fermenters, shaking incubators, Wave-bioreactors for insect cell cultivation) to support your lead discovery activities.

Unique and broad collection of wild-type fungi & bacteria strains (2000), E. coli or S. pombe strain expressed hCYPs (500) as well as CYP102A1 (BM3) mutants (300) especially for redox biotransformations and metabolite synthesis.

We screen in 24 and 96 deep well plates and can produce metabolites of candidates and intermediates (milligram- to gram scale)

Our comprehensive collection of Streptomyces bacteria allows for the biocatalytic synthesis of glucuronides of clinical candidates.