Metabolite Platform

We offer to characterize drug biotransformation pathways and to determine the site(s) of metabolism of your target compound.

We assign the metabolite structure, synthesize key metabolites and offer an in-depth characterization tailor-made to you project needs.

Our close interaction between preclinical compound profiling, therapeutic research and life science chemistry allows to identify, synthesize and characterize the important metabolites of your target compound of interest.

Biotransformation pathways, relevance and site of metabolism of your target compound are being investigated in in vitro metabolite ID studies in hepatocytes or liver tissue samples of your target species. Use of state-of-the-art high-resolution mass spectrometry leads to a proposed metabolite structure.

The proposed metabolite structure can be synthesized through classical chemical transformations or via biotransformation in our life science chemistry unit.

The definitive structure of the metabolite is then analyzed via classical structure elucidation by NMR spectroscopy and co-elution with an available metabolite sample from in vitro or in vivo.

This metabolite structure confirmation may then be followed by re-synthesis and a thorough in vitro and/ or in vivo characterization tailor-made to you project needs.