In vivo platform

In vivo DMPK studies in rodents, using various administration routes and dosing schedules according to the project needs.

In vivo Pharmacokinetics

We perform high quality PK studies in mice and rats with microsampling from jugular-vein cannulated animals to complete PK profiles per animal. Depending on your compound profile and needs, our capabilities offer various study designs. Available administration routes: intravenous (bolus and infusion), oral (po) and subcutaneous dosing (sc). Dosing of molecules may be in cassette (up to 3 molecules in 1 study) or as mono compound dosing. Automated blood sampling is also possible.

We offer tailor-made solutions

Tailor-made mechanistic studies for specific ADME questions can be provided: bile duct or portal vein-cannulated rats, tissue distribution studies (cold compound) incl. excreta from same animal. Relative bioavailability (formulation research). State-of-the-art animal welfare standards.

Safety studies at highest standards of animal welfare

State of the art toxicity studies in rodents according to national and international guidelines and animal welfare standards. Together with clinical pathology endpoints, toxicokinetics and histopathological diagnostics, we identify target organs for toxic effects, establish a maximum tolerated dose to support the clinical program.

Histopathological diagnostic assessment can be done from fixed tissue to prepared slides. Our Laboratory offers all steps of slide preparation including: trimming, tissue blocking, cutting, staining. Our board-certified pathologists (national and ACVP) with long time experience in toxicological pathology conduct the histopathologic evaluation and support you in interpreting your results.