Structure and Sample analytics

Versatile mass spectrometry (MS) capabilities and instrumentation, from drug quantitation to unknown metabolite structure elucidation and molecular distribution in tissues.

High-end mass spectrometry services for discovery

We provide quick non-GLP LC-MS/MS analysis of small molecules from various biological matrices. Quantitation services can be part of complete in vivo PK or safety study packages or also after delivery of samples by the customer. Manual and semi-automated sample preparation of plasma and tissues are used together with our modern UPLC-MS/MS equipment for highly sensitive and selective quantitation of both drug and also known metabolites.

Our MS capabilities further offer studies for the identification and structural elucidation of unknown metabolites along with a targeted evaluation of your known molecules using high resolution MS (HRMS) instrumentation. Services combining analysis by HRMS and offline-radioactivity detection are also available for radiolabelled compounds. Depending on your needs we perform quick metabolic hot spot analysis for structure optimization, in depth metabolite identification and profiling from in vitro and in vivo, evaluation of biotransformation pathways in various species and tissue fractions as well as assessment of reactive metabolites.

Mapping the tissue distribution of unlabelled molecules

We perform spatially-resolved MS analysis to understand the distribution and regional concentrations of drugs, metabolites and endogenous molecules in thin tissue sections using an AP/MALDI-HRMS system. We provide project-specific guidance in study design and issue fixation techniques. Our instrument platform will offer customers various options, from sample preparation to MS Imaging data analysis. Complete packages from the animal study to various tissue and molecular evaluation techniques can be discussed as a package.