ATR Kinase Inhibitor

For Bayer's ATR kinase inhibitor program we profiled a novel and selective inhibitor in in vitro and in vivo settings as well as in various combination therapy scenarios.

We studied the effect of the novel selective ATR kinase inhibitor BAY 1895344 on tumor cell growth and viability. Potent antiproliferative activity was demonstrated in a broad spectrum of human tumor cell lines. BAY 1895344 exhibited strong monotherapy efficacy in cancer xenograft models that carry DNA damage repair deficiencies. The combination of BAY 1895344 with DNA damage–inducing chemotherapy or external beam radiotherapy (EBRT) showed synergistic antitumor activity. Combination treatment with BAY 1895344 and DDR inhibitors achieved strong synergistic antiproliferative activity in vitro, and combined inhibition of ATR and PARP signaling using olaparib demonstrated synergistic antitumor activity in vivo.  The ATR inhibitor BAY 1895344 may provide new therapeutic options for the treatment of cancers with certain DDR deficiencies in monotherapy and in combination with DNA damage–inducing or DNA repair–compromising cancer therapies by improving their efficacy.

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